Jelly of the month

Just to let everyone know I’m working on starting a Jelly of the Month promotion. Planning on getting it up and running by July just in time for Christmas in July kickoff. Be watching for it as it will be a great gift idea for someone who has everything or just likes jam.


I posted on Facebook of a sale for Island Valley Delights a week or so ago. The sale runs June 1st through July 31. It goes as follows buy 5 jars jam and get the 6th one free or buy 10 jars and get the 11th and 12th free. Just send me a message either  here or Facebook with your choice of free the one[s]. You can mix and match or have all the same kind, your choice. Get friends and family in on it and split the shipping costs! Getting you ready for the holidays early and whittle that list down. Yes they will last that long just keep in a cool dark place if you can keep your hands out of it yourself. If not well, I’ll have more.

Mamaki Distributors wanted

Aloha to all of you! We are experiencing a huge demand on our Mamaki Tea. We are looking for just a few Distributors to help us sell even more. We will sell to our distributors at a much lower price (depending on the purchase volume), and include free shipping. Example: 2.25 lbs. Mamaki cost distributor $250.00. Plus, WE pick up the freight charges, anywhere in the US. Your retail price, to your customers will easily sell for $5.99 per 1/2 oz. (almost double your money 🙂 ).
Contact Steve
or call 808-217-5386

Albino Chicken?





Was making Lilikoi Butter today and THOUGHT I WAS SEEING THINGS!  Had to take a picture and show. We have some ALBINO CHICKENS!!!! I was raised with chickens and have never seen one. Had to go out and see the chicken. Kind of spooky looking are the eyes. Now I have to inform everyone who buys our fresh eggs at Makuu Farmers Market to not throw it away it is good. Oh well thought you guys would like to see, needless to say it still went into the Lilikoi Butter. If you haven’t tried it your are missing out on a treat. I like it best with a spoon.
2013-06-01_08.40.32 (2)

Upcoming Jam

What is this you ask? We call it an Ice Cream Bean. Started these trees from a seed and now 5 years later they are 15 to 18 feet tall. Beans everywhere!!!!!! HAD to come up with a jam! The inside is little sections of white looking cotton candy but juicy. Little vanilla taste.  Made a batch today and I LOVE IT! Just have to come up with a picture of a jar and label, put it on the site for you to buy. I have been selling just the beans at Makuu Farmers Market lately and the kids go crazy over them (pssst some adults too). Sold three 5 gallon buckets of just beans. Can’t wait to get the jam out there!
Ice Cream Bean

New Items

This is our newest item. Check it out! All natural, unflitered, pure coconut water from coconuts on th Big Island. Use the vinegar like you would apple cider vinegar or you can even use it as your vinegar for your oil and vinegar on your salad. Lots of great minerals too. I have some customers buying is to take for their digestion. You decide.
Coconut Jam

Mountain Apple

2013-06-03_11.52.26For all those who haven’t seen a Mountain Apple this is it. This is the mixture of the skin and the pulp of the Mountain Apple together. The pulp is actually white. Mountain Apples produce here usually 2 times a year and don’t last long. Unlike other apples they are softer inside so shelflife is short. What a beautiful looking and tasting jam it makes. We have quite a few trees growing on our farm.