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Mamaki Tea Bulk-$250.00/Kilo

We are offering wholesale prices on bulk purchases of our Mamaki Tea leaves. Our minimum for the lower price is 1 kilo./ 2.2 lbs. $250.00, shipping included, within the US.

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Ingredients: Only Naturally grown Mamaki Tea Leaves from the Big Island of Hawaii.

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Mamaki Tea Leaves

1/2 oz. bag of Mamaki Tea leaves, grown naturally with no pesticides or herbicides. Look-up the Medicinal benefits of drinking Mamaki Tea. It will astound you! We drink it for lowering Blood pressure, lowering Cholesterol, cleans Urinary tract, oxygenates Blood, acts as a “pick-me-up”, with no caffeine! It is a Green Tea, as it is not fermented, and tastes GREAT! ( No Tony the Tiger reference). By the 1/2 ounce or by the pound, we can take care of your order. Enjoy…….

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