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What do you get when you blend grandma’s best, old-time recipes with fruit grown in the rich, volcanic soil of Hawaii Island? Only the best jams that are bursting with orchard-fresh flavor. From the traditional to the exotic, Island Valley Delight’s jams and jellies will tickle your taste buds in a way that… well, let’s just say those buds will thank you for it. By reducing the sugar to almost half you are sure to get the individual flavors of each fruit not the oh it’s just sugar. Anita tries very hard to bring those flavors through in each and every batch. Why you say? Ask Anita and she will tell you, “because I love to do it, its fun.”

All of the fruit for these jams and jellies is grown right here on the windward side of the Big Island at Anita’s Mountain View Farm. Anita and her crew, lovingly tend the raised beds and orchard trees that sprout from what may be the most fertile ground on earth. What isn’t grown on the farm comes from neighboring farms and friends. The coconuts drop from swaying palms by the sea near Kalapana. Wild guava is picked in the forest on the farm. Lilikoi is plucked from the dangling vine in my own backyard. (Anita, “Boy do I hate Lilikoi season sometimes LOL.” It just doesn’t get any fresher or any more Hawaiian style than that…

Anita Roscoe, Owner of Island Valley Delights,dba JAMMIN’ JELLIES BRAND, spent much of her childhood in her grandmother’s kitchen. There, she developed both a discerning palate and a love for cooking and baking. Today, it’s those same old-fashioned recipes that draw customers in droves to the Island Valley Delights stand at Maku’u Farmers Market and four KTA Stores around the island.

Top off a slice of Anita’s fresh-baked bread with a dollop of her jam and you’ll see why folks just keep coming back for more!