No Sugar Added Lychee Jam

We make our lychee jam from only the highest quality lychee fruits available on the Big Island. Our lychee jam is perfect as a part of a glaze or marinade. Or, try our lychee jam with your morning toast or scones. If you are craving lychee, this jam is packed with real lychee – it is so delicious you have to try it to believe it! Our lychee are fresh – never frozen or canned, and picked at the peak of freshness to ensure that our jam is the best it can possibly be. Just like the name says- No added sugar, we use Splenda. Lychee Jam is extremely rare and hard to find. Makes a great gift for that special someone!!!

Ingredients: Lychee, Splenda, Natural Fruit Pectin, and Lemon Juice

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