Papaya Coconut Jam

2013-06-04_14.20.09Papaya Coconut Jam what a treat! Along with the the papaya and the coconut there is just a hint of ginger to add that tropical twist. This seems like one of the fastest selling and one of my first made jams. This one takes longer but it is worth the wait. Pick up a jar and try for yourself.


No Sugar Added Lychee

Our newest addition to the family of fine tropical flavors is No Sugar Added Lychee Jam! It is Packed with Lychee fruit and has a taste that is all its own. We haven’t seen Lychee Jam out on the market and feel it is so good that people just have to have it. The great thing is that this is No Sugar Added, so all of our sugar sensitive friends can enjoy this rare tropical treasure!

To all of you who can enjoy our LOW sugar Lychee Jam please do so, as we are running a “buy 5 and get the next 2 for free. That’s right 7 for the price of 5.

Thank You, and Aloha


Hello to all of you “Take Care of Your Diabetes” folks. I was made aware of your organization by one of your members, Karen. What a darling person! Thanks to her, we have contact info. for setting up a booth at next years Hawaii Convention Center gathering. Thanks Karen!

Please try our NSA Jams and Jellies, they truly have the flavor of the Tropics! They also make terrific gifts.

Flavors include: Liliko’i (Passionfruit), Papaya/Coconut, Ginger, Mint Jelly, Guava Jam, Hawaiian Pepper,Coconut Jam, Blueberry Jam ( from our farm), and now we offer Lychee Jam. Call me if you have any Questions, Bye for now. Steve

Maku’u Farmers Market


Anita Roscoe of Island Valley Delights

Island Valley DelightsAnita Roscoe, owner with husband Steve Roscoe, of Island/Valley Delights of Pahoa, have been selling for the last three years a variety of homemade breads, pastries, butter, jellies, jams and preserves as well as fresh eggs from their own chickens. Steve sells at the Volcano Market which is also on Sunday mornings. The couple also sells the bread through several retail locations.

“I learned to can and cook as a child, says Anita, and when my husband lost his business I decided it was my turn now. I started with just the jams then went to sweet breads. I saw yeast bread was needed and about one and a half years ago I started baking breads. We have since started a website and have been kept busy there”

Anita says her best selling products seem to be jams, cinnamon rolls, banana bread and her sandwich bread. “I sell my breads at Abundant Life, Keaau Natural Foods, and Down to Earth. I also sell bread to Kaleo’s, Black Rock Café, and to Ponds Restaurant. I sell my jams at KTA, Hilo airport, Kona airport, Honolulu Airport, and Down to Earth.

Anita enjoys sharing her products one on one and talking story. She especially loves repeat customers since they validate the joy she feels when she is creating what she sells.


We are back up! We experienced some technical difficulties this spring but we are back up and running. This site is now functional and working. We are working on its appearance now. We hope to have this site look as wonderful as our jams taste soon!

Aloha, welcome to the flavor of the tropics! Island Valley Delights LLC, home of JAMMIN’ JELLIES brand, packs more flavor into a jar of jam than you can imagine. Mix in Hawaiian and exotic fruits, old fashioned recipes, and WOW! The tropical explosion in your mouth will leave you counting the days until your next order arrives. Our ingredients are grown locally on the Big Island in our rich, volcanic soil. The year round tropical sun and rain produce delicious fruit you can’t get anywhere else.

Hawaiian and Tropical Jams & Jellies

Tropical FruitsTraditional jams include strawberry, black raspberry, and blueberry. Strawberries, black raspberries and blueberries are grown on the farm. Here, on the flanks of Mauna Loa, they take on a unique, intense flavor instigated by the searing, tropical sun. There are exotic flavors too. Check out the sweet, fig-like taste of our poha berry jam. Poha is a native species that thrives on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Kilauea volcanoes. There are also our tropical jams such as Guava, Coconut, Banana, Lilikoi Passionfruit, and Lychee. Our jams & jellies have 1/3 less sugar than our competitors so you can taste the natural tropical sweetness. Check out our entire mouth-watering line of Jams & Jellies.

No Sugar Added Hawaiian and Tropical Jams & Jellies

SplendaJust like the name says- No Sugar Added. These special jams & jellies are sweetened with Splenda. We use Splenda for its consistency and dependability. We want our Diabetic and sugar sensitive friends to be able to enjoy the wonderful and tasty products that come out of our Jammin’ Jellies kitchen! If your sugar sensitive, we got your back. Check out our entire mouth-watering line of No Sugar Added Jams & Jellies.

Hawaiian and Tropical Butters

Our butters are so delicious and irresistible you never have to worry about putting the jar away when you are done… it will be empty. We carry a full line of tropical butters to use in smoothies, as desert toppings, in eclairs, on scones or waffles. After you have tasted them, you will search for ways to use their full delicious tropical flavor. Check out our entire mouth-watering line of Hawaiian and Tropical Butters.

Anti-Oxidant Jams

Mixed BerriesWant a flavorful jam rich in anti-oxidants? Try one of our black raspberry, blueberry, or jaboticaba jams. Antioxidants are substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food, or by environmental exposures like tobacco smoke and radiation. Free radicals can damage cells, and may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Really? Something that is healthy and delicious? Check out our entire mouth-watering line of Anti-oxidant Jams.


Our Savories line is our personal favorite. Made from traditional recipes, Wasabi Glaze these flavorful condiments will infuse a plain dish with exquisite tastes. Have a chicken or meatloaf dish that your family is getting bored with? Just add some curry, sweet mustard, or wasabi glaze. They will love it and think you spent hours coming up with a new dish! We promise we won’t tell. Check out our entire line of Savories.